Monday, April 6, 2009

Eleven Days

That's how many days are left until my due date. I'm still excited, but a little fearful nervousness is beginning to creep in. It always does when I get close to my due date. Labor scares the mess out of me as much as it excites me. Basically, I don't like pain. I've never hesitated to get an epidural, so the fear of not getting to the hospital in time to get one unnerves me. You'd think with Lily's condition that I have worse things on my mind than labor pains, but I don't. Miraculously so.

I still don't understand this peace that I feel in my heart. Shouldn't I be worrying right now? I mean, we have no idea what's going to happen. Shouldn't that be driving me insane, especially when it's so close? Is this the calm before the storm?

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  1. Just remember, really, with an epi, it's REALLY hard for it to be "too late" as long as you have a good anesthesiologist.

    With Elias we had already TRIED pushing past an incomplete cervix during a natural childbirth, so we were WELL into the "push" stage when we gave up and called for an epi for more invasive measures.

    Now, that's not to say the anesthesiologist wasn't unhappy to be called in so late...or to have me squirming with contractions while he did his job, but we made it through, it was a great epi, and all was well.