Wednesday, April 29, 2009


3:51. . .4:01. . .4:11. . .(Could this be it?) 4:21. . .(A little back pain) 4:29. . .(Drat, not much there) 4:39. . .4:51. . .(Back to the :01s?) 5:01. . .(Another) 5:12. . . (Maybe the seconds were off)

This is the way my early morning has gone. So far, I'm pretty calm, but I sense this fear, hovering in the background like a blanket of fog waiting to envelope me. Honest to goodness, though, I feel as if it's warded off by this "umbrella" of protection that not only surrounds me and Lily but surrounds my whole family. Your fervent prayers.

Perhaps the Extreme Tator Tots from Sonic has kick-started everything into motion. If not, I plan to spend a little time (easily) working in my yard, to get a much-needed hair cut, and to put last-minute items together. I'll probably work a nap into the day, too.

. . .5:23 (Nothing yet. I think I'll try to go back to sleep.)


  1. Arg!! This is killing me! It just has to be today! I know...start some jumping jacks or something!

  2. I hope she comes today so you don't have to get that induction. I'll say a prayer for you!

  3. jill, i am doing some major praying that lily arrives on her own terms! i am thinking of you guys and so touched by your love for her and each other and your sense of calm and peace throughout this. love is the most powerful of emotions, and lily knows how much you love her and that you're letting her decide this. i am thinking about you constantly!!


  4. jill - i'm sending up many many prayers on lily's behalf....i'm excited for you and dave to finally meet this beautiful little girl that IS fearfully and wonderfully made. i'm checking often for updates!!!!

    Dear Gracious Heavenly Father-
    I come to you now with an anxious and happy heart tonight. Lord, these feelings are on Dave and Jill's behalf as they prepare to meet the wonderful blessing you have so powerfully created. Lord we know that you number the days of each man and Lord, you alone, give life and breath...Lord we are trusting you to give Dave and Jill peace, such a peace that it overflows to Rani and Autumn, and the hospital staff that surrounds them. Lord be with the hospital staff that will encounter this sweet family and Lord give them COMPASSION, give them kindness, and patience. Jesus, I pray that they will honor and keep Jill's birth plan and that everything will go smoothly. Sweet Father, I pray for Lily's SAFE entrance into this world. I pray that she would be under NO distress and that Jill would be as ALERT as possible. Lord, you are more powerful than we acknowledge and your plans are GOOD and RIGHT. Lord give us the wisdom to see your will and to know that the struggles we encounter are only to make us stronger. Lord we're solely depending on you to carry Jill, Dave, Lily, Rani and Autumn (and family) through tomorrow. I pray in Jesus' name that tomorrow will be filled with LOVE JOY and PEACE. Thank you Jesus for allowing me a glimpse into their lives and to be apart of a miracle such as Lily.....Lord I love you for who you are to me and for what you've been in my life. Lord - thank you for my miracle, Maddie...You are SO AWESOME and so worthy of all my praise. I pray all these things in Your son's precious, holy name. AMEN

  5. Dearest Jill and Dave,

    I've followed your blog, so graciously posted, and read in amazement the incredible faith the two of you possess. I am truly blessed to know you .... and you have taught me so much, so very much, through your journey.

    I wanted you to know I have been praying for you all ... I've told you this ... but tonight, of all nights, I feel as though I am with so many of your friends and those special Angels who are watching over Lily .. and I am keeping vigil with them, along with so many other prayer warriors.

    I don't always know how to pray in circumstances so difficult .... I've been through situations in my life I felt inadequate to find the words .... but when I bow my head and quiet my heart, and my words stop, the whispers stop ... I know He hears the prayers of our sighs ... those prayers in our heart are still lifted up by our Lord Christ to our Heavenly Father on behalf of your precious family and your precious daughter, Lily.

    In His Love and Mine,
    Ann Jackson

  6. I just wanted to put a note up for fellow readers. I'm Diana, Jill's cousin. The contractions stopped yesterday and she rested at home from what my mother tells me. She was to report to the hospital today for an induction. I'll be calling her father about 10am to check in. I didn't want people to worry when they didn't see a post today.