Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things I Love--Happy Valentine's Day

1. My children's laughter

2. That my husband has ADD

3. That my daughters have talents I can only dream of possessing

4. When my little boy gets dirty

5. That Lily kicked tonight

6. That Dave wears the pants in the family (but he is often reminded that I am the belt that holds those pants up!) :)

7. That there are people cheering Lily on

8. That Rani smiles at being a "poor college student"

9. That Autumn will be going to Honduras this summer

10. That Gabriel lifts my shirt to look at my belly and kiss it and lay his head on it

11. That Lily just gave a big kick

12. That Dave makes me laugh so hard I get laughter-induced asthma

13. That my mother is the person she is

14. That Dave makes me feel younger than he is (I'm six years older than he is)

15. That I am blessed with a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters, a handsome, rambunctious little boy, and a strong little flower

1 comment:

  1. even though i have no kids, yet...i do agree kids' laughter is one of the best medicines! (i can only dream of maddie's laughter!) God knows how to brighten our days with beautiful innocent children!

    i hope lily keeps kicking and keeps fightin! we're definitely still praying and "rootin" for lily!!!!!