Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another appointment

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. This one is just the routine OB/GYN visit, but they are the ones I always dread. I think I've toughened up to being around other pregnant women, although tomorrow may prove differently, but the doctor's attitude puts me in a mood. Twice, now, he's reminded me how he's talked to other doctors and how they've said they've never seen a T-18 baby survive. (Boy, Lily must not like this guy. It feels as if she's boxing him as I type!) I go in there and feel like I'm not important because my baby has a chromosomal defect. I hate it when people let others slip through the cracks.

Four weeks ago, my doctor told me that he would send a referral to the neonatologist. (Never mind that I've spoken to the neonatologist already. That was Molly's doing. However, the neonatologist did tell me that I would eventually need a referral.) I've called three times. The last time I called I was assured (not very kindly) that the nurse would get to it on Tuesday (last week). I still have not heard from anyone regarding this. Needless to say, it's going to take a good bit of patience and tongue-biting tomorrow.

I'm just frustrated because I've heard that my doctor is wonderful. I've yet to see it. I'm tempted to get another doctor, but I've got about 8 1/2 weeks left, so I wonder if it will be worth it. These feelings usually get stronger right before my appointment, and then I calm down for another month, so I'm just venting.

On a different note. . .I follow a blog, Praise You In This Storm. I'm very sad to say that today Loni, the author, went to the doctor and they couldn't find a heartbeat for little Maddie. Loni goes in for an induction tomorrow morning at 7:00. This is Loni's first child. Maddie had Triploidy, where every chromosome strand had an extra chromosome. I pray for this family that they find peace and understanding in this difficult time. I pray for their hearts to heal, but I know that will take time. I pray that tomorrow goes as smoothly as possible and that this family finds beauty in the sadness.

My complaints have become so minimal all of a sudden.


  1. thank you jill. thanks for your thoughts and prayers. we are holding up okay, but know that its probably not going to get better for a while...i am thankful we were able to meet and i hope your appointment went well and you felt important, as you know you are.

    all our prayers are with you! much love
    loni and justin hodge

  2. I have just found your blog and only read your last entry. I am so saddened by how the dr. makes you feel. I wish he was the minority but unfortunatley he is the majority. I will be back to read more right after my errand. Thank you so much for visiting Annabel's site. I am praying so hard for your family and Lily! I love her name.