Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nestea Plunge

I took the Nestea plunge when I fell in love with Dave. Yep, I just closed my eyes, opened my arms, and trustingly fell back into his love. I knew he would catch me, and I know today that he will never let me fall. Such is the power of his love.

I was talking to a colleague the other day about Lily. She told me how impressed she was with my strength. I tried to explain it but finally just said that it's like taking the Nestea plunge. I hold my decisions, close my eyes, open my arms, and trustingly fall back into Lily's and God's love. I truly know no other way to do it. I trust that they will lead the way.

After giving it more thought, I realized that that is the way I am going to make my decisions. With God holding her hand, I am going to let Lily show me what to do. It is going to be difficult because how many times does mother (and father) know best? But I am going to have to be still and listen. My ears will be perked to the boldness of her strength as well as to the whimpers when she's too tired to fight any longer. I will give deep respect to both. My decision to not have an emergency c-section (provided my life is not at risk) is based upon this trust. My heart tells me this is the way to go.

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