Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prayer requests

If I may ask for a few prayer requests. . .

*Lily's cardiologist appointment is tomorrow. Unless it is just a consultation, which I'm not really sure of, we should find out if anything is wrong with Lily's heart. If nothing is wrong, the doctor says we could find ourselves with 10 to 12 years with Lily.

*There's a girl I've been emailing back and forth for a while. Laurie is her name. Laurie is pregnant with a little girl who has Trisomy 18. This is her first child. If Little Toot doesn't get here by next week, the doctors will induce on June 2. Toot has a VSD (hole in her heart) and cysts on her brain. I know the emotional turmoil that I went through before Lily was born. I hate to think what all Laurie is going through, and my heart breaks for her.

*Another girl I've emailed back and forth, Shannon, is pregnant with a little boy, Oliver, who has Trisomy 18. She's due in June. She, too, is a first-time mother.

*Annabel Grace is having surgery on her bowel on June 4. I swear, this little girl's smile melts my heart!

I ask for these prayer requests because I know I have some wonderful people out there who are fabulous "prayer warriors." Just knowing that they were praying and cheering for Lily gave me so much comfort. May those on this prayer list be comforted in knowing that even more people are praying for them.


  1. I will be praying for your appointment tomorrow. Thank you so much for adding us to your prayer requests. It means so much in these weeks. xo Shannon (Oliver's mom)

  2. You have ALL my prayers, as do all the sweet little babies with T-18 you mentioned. My heart breaks for them as I remember once getting the same diagnosis in March of 1999.

    Praying also for a good outcome to the cardiologist appt.

    Much love to you and sweet Lily,
    Nichole in California

  3. Jill, I am praying my heart out for you guys today ... I hope the appointment goes well and I am thinking of you! Thank you so much for adding us to your prayer request, it means the world to me ... this diagnosis sucks, but has introduced me to some of the kindest, most thoughtful people and for that, I'm very grateful.

    Thinking of you guys and praying!


  4. Jill,
    I am Laurie's sister and I just wanted to thank you for adding her to your prayer list. I've been following Lily's journey for some time now and I am so happy for all of you. I can only hope my sister will be given the same blessings. I'll be praying for you all today (Shannon & Oliver too!) and I hope Lily gets the good news you deserve. Lily is so beautiful, and you've been an inspiration to so many.
    Thinking of you all,

  5. Jill, Thank you for mentioning Annabel on your blog. Wanted to let you know we will be on our knees praying for your cardiology appt. You are so great about letting us know the outcome of her appts. Will be checking in tomorrow.
    Also, I hope you don't mind that I placed Lily's link on Annabel's last post. I will place it on her sidebar if you don't mind.
    Praying, praying here in Texas...