Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy 1st Week

10:56 am. Seven days we have had with Lily. Like Dave said last night, "Seven days more than we deserve." I couldn't agree more. We don't deserve this little girl who has surpassed so many odds, yet we have been blessed beyond measure with her presence.
She's so strong. Much stronger than I'll ever be. She tolerates the tube in her nose. She rebels against every cell that carries that extra chromosome. She breathes life into her being and into ours. She has the power to bring people to their knees, and she has powered an army of "prayer warriors." No, I don't deserve her, but I'm honored to be her mother.
Happy 1st week, Lily. I pray for thousands more weeks to come.


  1. Nichole in CaliforniaMay 7, 2009 at 12:16 PM

    Happy 1 week old dear Lily! You make this world a brighter place! Godbless you and your sweet family.

    love from California,

  2. I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I am so glad she is doing so well. We need more like Lily and Annabel and the others showing all the world that Trisomy 18 isn't necessarily incompatible with life. Prayers coming your way, sweet Lily from Texas.
    Cathy (Annabel's mom T18)

  3. happy first week lily!! i'm thinking about you all constantly and love hearing the updates. i pray you get thousands more weeks too. lily is truly an inspiration and it gives me such hope to know that she's defied the odds :)

  4. HAPPY FIRST WEEK LILY!!! I am so proud of how hard you've fought to prove society wrong. You are a sweet blessing and I'm glad I've been able to get to know you and your family. I'm praying for many more days, weeks, and years! You're a miracle!!!!

  5. I've been off the computer a bit, but am catching up on all the pictures, now. Jill, she is just perfect, so sweet. Congratulations on your sweet little one, created in the image of God.
    mallorie's mommy

  6. Just wanted to stop by to say Happy Mother's Day.

  7. Doctors are great, don't get me wrong... but they have one major flaw. They're human. As such, they are not perfect, nor are their ideas or diagnoses. Lily, every moment you are here, you are what they call a "medical miracle." I think that's superfluous. You're simply a miracle. The One who created you was NOT human and WAS perfect. As His, you are perfect as well. For one week, you have been the biggest inspiration I've even known (though your parents are close seconds!), and by far, the most beautiful little girl I've ever laid eyes on. You've changed lives for one week, and I pray you change many more!!

    I love you, Lily!