Sunday, May 10, 2009


If you have a baby with Trisomy 18 (or any other condition that renders him "incompatible with life") then you probably know that NILMDTS is an organization of photographers who volunteer to photograph babies with conditions like Lily's. The acronym stands for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.
Let me tell you about Lily's photographer. She is a breath of fresh air and knows the true meaning of sacrifice. My family is honored that she was our photographer. You see, I called Lee Ann because the first person I was referred to wasn't very cooperative. She talked as if the organization only took pictures of babies that had already passed away (what?!). She couldn't handle coming in during the birth, and she would try to get there on the day that Lily was born (she has three kids, you know), but if not, if I would schedule an appointment for a week out (another what?!), she would be willing to come in.
Not Lee Ann! Lee Ann was even willing to do a maternity shoot ("There's a special bond during a pregnancy that needs to be captured"), but she was in the middle of moving and had to be out of her house on Thursday (I called her on Tuesday). The maternity shoot was not as important to me as getting Lily photographed while she was alive, which Lee Ann was totally willing to do.
I hated that I was pulling Lee Ann away from her move, but she would have it no other way. To make the request even worse, she lives a good 45 minutes to an hour away from the hospital, yet she was still more than willing to come and take pictures of Lily for us. And remember, this is a volunteer effort. Like I said, true sacrifice.
God has blessed us in so many ways around Lily's birth; this is yet another one. I am indebted to Lee Ann for her service. She is truly a remarkable woman.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Jill!
    Lisa Eaves

  2. Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope you had hugs and kisses for hours. How is Lilly?

  3. Happy Mother's Day! What a blessing to be a mother to such a sweet little angel as Lily.

    Love from California

  4. Thank you, LeAnn, for being there for Jill, Dave and Lily. I can't wait to see the pictures!! Your dedication to this organization and the families that you are helping are truly appreciated. Your unselfish efforts are commended!!


  5. Happy mother's day. Today and forever.