Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tennessee Revisited

Two years ago, when Lily was about six weeks old, we took a trip to Tennessee to Sevierville and the Smokey Mountain National Park. I can't quite explain what exactly it was, but something about that trip was magical for Lily. Maybe it was the fresh mountain air. Maybe it was the fact that here we were with a six week old child who had a death sentence on her when we probably should have been at home keeping her shielded from the world.

We didn't let that stop us.

We climbed a pretty rigorous trail; we descended a rather steep ledge to get to a smoothly flowing river and sunbathed on large rocks; we walked a part of the Appalachian Trail; we straddled two states at one time.

We didn't let Trisomy 18 stop us.

Yes, there was something magical about that trip. It was as if we were taking on the world. . .and winning.

And once again, we took that trip to Tennessee. And again, it was as if something magical was happening. We weren't as bold this time around--it's a bit harder when you have three children under the age of four--, but we did take a path up to a waterfall, and we shade-bathed by a waterhole. We saw two bears and a stampede (the Dixie one, that is), and Lily had fun exploring what her legs can do in the kiddie pool. All five days with no vomiting (until we got back into South Carolina, and she vomited in McDonald's right after we fed her).

Even this time, we didn't let Trisomy 18 stop us. It was as if we were taking on the world. . .and winning.


  1. Congratulations!! What a wonderful trip and what beautiful pictures. Seems to me that you have really taken trisomy 18 on and won.

  2. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures! You're all amazing and I so love your thoughts!! Glad you enjoyed TN!! Another year or two you'll have to come to WV and we'll take you all rafting :)
    Hugs and Prayers to all

  3. These pictures are AMAZING! I remember well the first trip to TN...it seemed like a major turning point for Lily. So glad to hear it was just as powerful this time. "We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." (Romans 8:17) Love, Momma Ray

  4. Such a beautiful post. The picture of your girls cuddling is priceless. Love you! Shannon (Oliver's mom)

  5. I loved your post! So glad you all had a great time in TN. With our girls it can be hard to remember that normal things like family trips are important! I think our Lilly's really love the outings too. We try and shield them but I think sometimes they get really bored from it! :)