Monday, June 20, 2011

Camp Day One

Thank you, Robin W., for purchasing the afghan that Dave's mom crocheted!!! That purchase is definitely going to a good cause!

Lily's first day of camp went well. She almost lasted the whole time--falling asleep for a few minutes. But, hey, she fared better than the other two year old who was there. Lily kept her happy, positive self while the other little girl got a little attitude going.

This is what Lily's camp experience was like:

Every morning begins with a morning walk. Then they have group circle time. Today, they played a name game by throwing different balls to each other during group circle time. In their reading group, they read In the Nest and made bird nests and bird feeders and a penguin potato. They played Duck, Duck Goose and Parachute. There was music therapy. They read From Head to Toe and decorated peacocks and painted with feathers. Lily stood for an hour in her stander and had OT where Lily worked on pressing buttons. What a day!

And tomorrow? Lily will have a chance to ride a horse!

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