Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pictures of Alice

I have kept every email Sara and I have exchanged, and with those emails, I have pictures of Alice. Sara gave me permission tonight to share pictures of Alice with you. From one of the first pictures I received of her, to one of the last, I share with you the little girl I grew to love since my first postings of Lily.
And by the way, Sara posted a comment on my previous post to all of you who expressed your heartfelt sympathies. Thank you for being in prayer for her, especially tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful, lovely girl. Thank you for sharing her precious photos. May God heal her family and grant them peace.

  2. Such a beautiful little soul. My heart breaks for her family. Praying for peace and comfort.

  3. What a precious, beautiful little girl! Thank you, Jill, for posting Alice's pic. Continued prayers for her family...Momma Ray

  4. What a sweet beautiful girl. Thinking of her family and you, her friends

    With love Shannon