Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camp--Days Two and Three

Lily's having a great time at camp!

Yesterday, she went horseback riding! I was envisioning Lily being held by two therapists, sitting straight up on the back of a horse. Instead, they placed her across the horse's back on her tummy. Not what I expected, but I'm not complaining. I'm glad Lily got the experience. She spent pretty much the whole day at the barn, so it wasn't a very busy day.

Today, Lily learned about insects. Again, they began the day with a morning walk. And, again, Lily spent some time in her stander. But she also had music therapy, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, painted, decorated a flower pot, and participated in food tasting. (She tasted strawberries, pears, and apples, but Lisa, her camp counselor, said she only liked the apples.)

Both yesterday and today Lily vomited during lunch. Poor Lisa! But as fortune would have it, Lily's OT was visiting camp today and was there when it happened. She asked Lisa how fast she was feeding Lily. Lisa told her that she was giving Lily 3 ounces and then waiting 10 minutes and then giving her the rest. Brenda then asked her how quickly it was going, to which Lisa replied pretty quickly. Ah ha! We think (no, we hope!) we found the problem! It seems the slower we feed Lily, the better she holds it in. Not always so, but usually we find that's the case.

So two more good days at camp overall. Looking at all of the activities they are doing, I think I'm going to try to incorporate similar ones into Lily's day once camp is over. By then, Gabriel will be beginning school, so it'll be a little easier to do so. Besides, with Gabriel in school, I think I'm going to need a little more activity to keep me busy!


  1. I am praying this comment goes through. Connie help me with a suggestion and it worked on Vera's blog. I have been reading but not able to comment. So glad she is enjoying her day camp.

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