Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LG is puttin' on the pounds!

Look at that belly!

Don't let the pictures fool you, though. She's still tiny. These are newborn bloomers. Way too big!

At the last weigh-in, Lily weighed 7.6 pounds. Mind you, that's on our scale, but it can't be that off, I would think. Lily likes to eat! She eats every three hours for the most part. But at night, she'll go a few hours over that. Not many, though. Last night was brutal. She was up at 12:30, then 1:30. She stayed up until 2:30. Back up at 4:15. I don't usually wake Dave up, but last night was an exception. I had no choice; I could barely hold my head up. It's all my fault. I really should go to bed earlier.


  1. look at that gorgeous deodorant ad girl. lovely armpits! :P

  2. Look at the precious baby!!!!!!

  3. She's so precious, I really want to hold her!
    Love, Amy

  4. Lily is so beautiful. It's nice to see her growing up. Keep 'em coming.


    Shannon (Oliver's mom)

  5. Yeah, we should all get to bed earlier at night. Easier said than done, when there are so many cute posts and pictures like this to see. :) This was nice.

  6. She looks so good! In her case it is good to have a tummy going on.
    Has she been doing good? Praying that she continue to eat and grow!

  7. Lily, you are an inspiration to me! Keep on keepin' on, precious angel!!! :0)

    Your long-distance friend,
    Ginger (David's Mommy) :0)