Monday, July 13, 2009

Grayson T.

I have been following this one blog for the past few weeks-- Kristi and her husband are two amazing people. You see, they lost their first little girl, Kinsey, at birth. Kristi became pregnant again, only to find out that their son, Grayson, has Trisomy 18. He was born on July 7 and spent five days with Kristi and her husband. They collected monkeys for his daily birthdays and made cute little signs for him. Life is so precious, and I am touched by this family's celebrating of life. I have no words for this family right now. Only a heart that hurts and prays for peace in knowing that their little man is in good hands. Please take a few minutes and pray for them. And if you get a chance, visit her slideshow of Grayson's birth--
Try to keep a dry eye as you listen to the song that accompanies the slideshow. I cannot think of a more appropriate song to honor this little boy's birth.

Kristi, if you are reading this, when I saw your slideshow, I was amazed at how radiant and peaceful you look. You seem to carry this motherly strength about you. God was definitely with you and Grayson during his birth. How fortunate Grayson is to have you as his mother.


  1. That was so touching. I agree...impossible to watch without crying. Father, I lift up this precious couple and ask for the comfort, peace, and courage only You can give. I thank you for the testimony they offer to others through the courageous, faithful way they walk though this trial. In your mercy, Lord, will you--according to Your perfect timing and
    will--give them a healthy child to keep? In the mighty and precious name of Jesus...

  2. I found your blog today through Grayson's mom's. I'd found hers a while back and have been following their story. I just saw where they lost him. So sad.
    I love your writings and I have to tell you that I read the WHOLE thing from the beginning. Yes, in one sitting--- and now my back is killing me. Your courage and love for Lily is evident in every post. She is beautiful and perfect! What a little miracle! May God continue to bless your family.

  3. Jill, Thank you for sharing Grayson sweet story. My heart breaks for this precious family. Will be in prayer for them and also sweet Lily. I keep checking in on your family. Thank you for stopping by annabel's site.

  4. Wow, that was so tough to read! I will pray for peace and comfort for them. Lily is such an inspiration, I love seeing her pics.

    Hope all is well! Love, Amy

  5. I just read your husband's letters to Lily. I loved them. You are very blessed. My husband loves our daughters deeply and is very sensitive, too. But I really doubt he'd be willing to bare his soul to them the way your husband did to Lily. So precious will these letters be to her one day. And for you to reread. =)