Thursday, July 30, 2009

The appointment

I'm very happy to report that Lily's cardiologist appointment went very well today! He was purely tickled to tell us that her VSD is, in a sense, closing because a flap of tissue is growing over the hole. Basically speaking, we have nothing to worry about. Doc said that Lily is doing "remarkably well" for a baby with Trisomy 18, and he was proud of her growth. We're ecstatic!

I'll send more details later.


  1. I'm crying...because God is THAT good, and the miracle of Lily's life continues!

  2. Oh Jill! I have been checking your blog frequently today waiting to see how the app't went. We have been praying so hard for your baby girl. God is a God of endless miracles!!! I'm going to cut and paste this to Ruth Circle group and to the ministers!!!
    Love to you all!!!!
    Lisa Eaves

  3. Praise God! I knew she was special the first time I found your blog. =)