Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soleil's birth day

On the day Soleil was born, as I waited in the hospital bed for her to arrive, I went back on my blog to the day when Lily was born. Then I read a few more posts. It was the day after she was born that stopped my heart.

I went back to that May 1st, 2009, posting, and suddenly, memories I thought I had long buried reincarnated themselves. Looking, today, at that post, there's really not much there it seems. But, oh, how I read between the lines on the day Soleil was born. The fear, the emotion, the unknown--they all burned through those lines. And I cried. I cried for that unknown, yet I cried because I have been the recipient of one of the biggest gifts one could ever receive.

We still count time with Lily, but now, I'd say, we count it by the months. Long gone are the days when the clock held the gift of practically every second.

But every second is still a gift. It's always a second more than we thought we'd ever have.

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  1. It's the first time that I have realised that Lily and I share a birthday!

    It's no wonder then that I feel such a particular fondness to your little girl!

    Little Lily is nearly two! Wow! And little Mikayla nearly one! How does the time go by so quickly. I remember counting the seconds, hours, days that Miks and I had together... and how wonderful it is to be in a place now when I am so grateful for the time we have and continue to have together, but not continually marking them as our possible last.

    We all have last moments together... after all, death is a part of life.. BUT.. living as if every second is the last one is exhausting... but living like each moment is a treasure and worth living... now THAT'S worth it xx