Monday, March 28, 2011

Please help me with this project

I've been feeling a little too idle lately. (Not with the kids; they keep me busy!) But I figured out today that I just need a project to keep my brain busy. So here's what I've decided to do:

I'm creating a map as a visual reference of where T-18 babies live.

I'm trying to reach out to as many t-18 parents as possible, so if you happen to know of any, could you please tell them about this project, too?

What I need is your child's name, age, type of t-18, and city and state or country where your child lives. If you have a blog or caringbridge page, I'd also like the address.

As soon as I'm finished with this project and feel as if I have a comprehensive list, I'll gladly share this with you. You may either post in the form of a comment or email me at

Thank you so much for your help! Obviously, I could not do this without you!


  1. Jill, what a great ideal. I have often thought that I would like to meet families that I have talked with via email or have met at conference. But I never remember exactly where they live. This is wonderful! I hope you get so many responses. I am going to email you our address and the infor you asked.thank you for doing this on behalf of all families.

  2. Hey Jill, let me first start by saying how much I appreciate being able to read your blog, and follow the wonderful updates on Lily. I'm Cara. My partner is David. We live just out of Melbourne, Australia. We have Vivienne (Vivi Rose), with full T18, who has just turned 14 months old. She has a big sister Audrey who is nearly 5 and in spectacularly good health.
    Good luck with the project- I'm hoping to get to Chicago later this year... and maybe even go to the SOFT conference, and get to meet some of you fabulous people whose blogs I have been following with such interest! Fingers crossed. Thanks for doing this, Cara.

  3. Vera is 3 and lives in Singapore! I'll put you in touch with a baby in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

  4. I would love to be included. Aaron is 9 1/2 months (dob 6/13/2010) and living with full T18. We live in Alpine, Utah. I have 2 websites for him. and Thanks so much for putting it together! Can't wait to see it.

  5. Hello, Thank you for sending me you blog info! I've enjoyed reading about your little one's journey. My baby girl, Sophie is due 5/12/11 and has been diagnosed with full Trisomy 18. She is doing great considering so we have high hopes for our little girl. We live in Gilbert, Az and I have included her blog link below. Thanks so much! - Dawna Gaines

  6. Hi there

    Our little boy Lior has full T-18 and will be turning 1 on 29 April. We are in South Africa. Our blog address is