Friday, March 4, 2011


Is this the answer?!

Lily finally went and saw an allergist on Monday. He decided to go ahead and do an allergy test, and sure enough, Lily has allergies: mold, dust mites, bermuda grass, and. . .dogs! She is not allergic to her formula.

Dogs--just what I suspected.

I believe the Singulair helps and makes it worth giving to Lily as opposed to dealing with vomiting. But I can't say with certainty that her allergies were causing her to vomit. But it makes so much sense.

The doctor has also prescribed Nasonex for nasal congestion. I'm not too keen on Lily being on a lot of meds, but if this alleviates nasal swelling and helps her breath better through her nose (she's a pretty heavy mouth breather), then I'm for it.

Soon after Soleil was born, Lily began vomiting again. Then our dog passed away. Lily has not vomited since. It almost seemed obvious that allergies was possibly the cause because (1) we had just moved to a new city, (2) we had only a small bit of carpet where we previously lived, but now we have carpet in every room but the kitchen, and (3) our dog stayed outside before we moved.

On the other hand, there are still issues that could cause the vomiting, such as upping Lily's feeds or a weak stomach sphincter.

So. . .so far, I'm feeling good about this diagnosis. I guess only time will tell whether this has been the culprit all along. As for now, I'm not dealing with vomit, and that is a good thing.

If you have a child with T-18, and he or she is experiencing vomiting, I highly suggest an allergy test if you feel there may be allergies involved. It was a little uncomfortable for Lily, but it lasted only a few seconds. It was certainly worth it to be able to find out that she does have allergies, and if that's what's causing the vomiting, then we have a way to deal with that.

(My suggestion comes knowing that in Lily, she was always itching her face and occasionally had watery eyes. Also, even though she wouldn't have a runny nose, she had congestion. And with the other factors associated with the move, it just seemed right. Plus, there are times when I just have these. . .feelings. . .with Lily. I'm NOT saying that vomiting alone means there's an allergy.)

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