Friday, May 18, 2012

Update from Surgery

Lily has been out of surgery for a while, but I wanted to be with her before posting.  Surgery went well.  It seems as if part of her bowels basically had what is similar to an elastic band around, causing the obstruction and also keeping blood flow from getting to that area.  Basically, that area died, so they took out 10 cm worth of bowels.  She's trying to come out of the anesthesia, but they have sedated her to keep her calm.  She's intubated so she doesn't have to work at breathing and can focus on healing.  She was trying to turn her head--naughty girl!--, hence the sedation.  Heart rate is in the high 140s, which is a whole lot better than the 200 that we saw when I brought her in this morning.  Temp is 37.9, which is better than the 38.5 I saw when they first brought her back from the OR.  She's tried to take a few starting breaths on her own, but I think they want to keep her intubated until the morning at least so she doesn't have to work so hard.  But they're going to let her dictate that.  I'm not sure what her blood pressure is.  I don't see it up at the moment, and I have no idea what the numbers mean anyway.
Thank you to all of you who have prayed for Lily, sent kind words, texted, visited, and/or watched Gabriel and/or Soleil. I apologize if I haven't responded.  But know that your prayers have been felt, your words have comforted, your texts have been read, your visits have been a needed distraction, and your help with Gabriel and Soleil has given me peace knowing that they are in good hands.  I am touched beyond words and can not say thank you enough. 
As for the prayers. . .I must say that I had an overwhelming peace during her surgery.  I know all the prayers weren't for our peace of mind, but knowing that the prayers were out there was so comforting.  So, very humbly, I say thank you.

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  1. I am so glad she is out. Praying she will come off the vent soon. When you get time, like maybe after your home if you could share what led up to this episode. Poor baby and I bet you need some good rest. Praying for your family.