Monday, May 21, 2012

This Will Warm Your Heart

Lily was moved from the PICU to a step-down room last night.  I really think she likes this new room.  After she got settled, she started playing with her toys, something she wasn't doing in the PICU.  She even gave me high-fives and reached up to touch my face.  Aw!!!  Dave stayed with her last night, and she did well, moaning a little at one time, but when the nurse came in to give her some medicine for the pain, Lily was asleep.  When I got here this morning, she was awake, but not wanting to play and fighting sleep.  It's 8am, and she's sleeping now.

Here's a video of Lily playing with one of her toys:


  1. SOOO Glad she's feeling better!

  2. Glad she's feeling better!! -Melissa Futrell

  3. Thats awesome glad she is feeling better-Levi and family