Sunday, May 20, 2012

Still in the PICU

Well, we thought that we were going to be moving into a regular room this morning, but there were a few setbacks in the night.  So here Lily stays, in the PICU, but they may move her later this evening.

Overnight, her blood gas levels were off.  She had too much carbon dioxide in her blood.  They changed her nasal cannula to a higher flow one, weirdly enough, she desatted into the 80s.  They lowered the flow, and now she's at 99-100s.  Her heart rate and all other vitals are good.  An x-ray showed pockets of lung collapse, but the doctor said that can be normal, especially givin her apnea history and the fact that she's very stationary.  We brought in her feeder seat and put her in that for a while, but then she started getting cranky.  She's back on the bed and just received a dose of pain meds.

The doctor said that being on the higher flow of oxygen didn't necessarily warrant her staying in the PICU, but that wasn't enough to warrant her staying here.  Still, they want to watch her and her blood levels and make sure that a regular room will be the right choice.

 As for now, she sleeps.  It's such a catch 22.  She's calm and not in pain, but she's still, and when she's still, the fluid just might not move the way it should, and that doesn't help her lungs.  But it's hard to argue with the numbers on the screen.  They look good.  So what do you do?

Thank you for your continued prayers. 

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