Saturday, May 19, 2012

4 am update

It's 4:05, and I was having a little trouble sleeping. Dave and I went to rest in the quiet room, I fell asleep for about two hours, then woke up thinking it was 8:20.  Couldn't go back to sleep without checking on Lily. She's doing well. HR is still about the same. Temp too. When we left, she was at 24 breathes per minute on the machine. When I got here, they had her down to 16. They just moved her down again to 14.  This is progress. So far, she's just getting fluids. They will start Pedialyte once the tube is out. She's quietly resting/sedated with little movements here and there.  I'm beginning to feel a little overwhelmed with all that's going on. I'm extremely touched by the amount of prayers and that's just building. I'm not complaining, just deeply touched. 


  1. Hooray for Lily! Praying very much for your little girl.

  2. My prayers have been going up for Lily constantly since learning yesterday that she was having difficulties. She is such a fighter and such a lover of being's post and talking to you, Jill, this morning are positive and I pray that only positive news is what we hear/read. Love to you all, Trisha