Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quality of Life Week--Day Two--Soul

Dear Prayer Warriors,
Please, please, please pray for a little girl named Kayli. She is quite sick and her mom is worried. She has Trisomy 18, and this weekend she and her family are supposed to go to Florida for Kayli's wish. Give Kids the World is holding a parade, and lots of T-18 families will be there, supporting her. We will be taking a short trip down, too, to meet up with other T-18 families. It breaks my heart to think that this family may have to cancel this meaningful trip. So please pray!


The eyes are the window to the soul. I believe that. The video that I'm posting today shows Lily playing, but look in her eyes. Look deep. You'll see that she has a joyful, loving soul. Generalize, too. Because that's what you'll see in her every day.

Her eyes that captivate me so. They communicate to the point where I feel I've had a conversation with her. They show so much more than just happiness and love, though. They show awareness.

There are so many out there who believe Trisomy 18 is a death sentence. Please feel free to share this video with others so that they might see that behind the diagnosis are beautiful children who have soul.

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