Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Opportunity

Last summer, Lily got the opportunity to go to Pattison's Academy Summer Camp. This summer, she's going to have that same opportunity. I'm excited about this because on Friday, Lily's physical therapist said that she wants Lily to use a gait trainer when she's at camp! This means that Lily will be able to practice walking (with support)!

On March 10th, Pattison's will be holding their 5th annual spinning marathon to raise money for their summer camp and their school (which we hope Lily will be able to attend one day). Lily's occupational therapist, Brenda, will be participating in the event as a team with three other ladies. They are currently raising money and are only 18% toward their goal. (Times are just hard for people right now.) I asked Brenda to share her information with me and told her that I'd post it here and on Facebook.

If you feel inclined to contribute to this wonderful cause, you can visit Brenda's FirstGiving page at Even if it's only $5.00, every little bit helps. The nice thing is that if you are interested, you can pay online through her page (it's even tax deductible). So no matter where you live, you can contribute.

I just cannot express how great Pattison's summer camp was for Lily. Along with the therapy, she got to ride horses, go swimming, attend a luau, and participate in the play, Horton Hears a Who. But the best part was seeing her eyes light up and a smile spread across her face each day we walked in the building. Other campers--yes, even those who were wheelchair bound--went to the climbing wall and were able to actually make it to the top of the climbing wall!

It's a great cause--endorsed by Darius Rucker, I might add!--, so if you could help, just know that you're helping children like Lily have an experience that's not just all therapy. They have themes each week and truly make it a camp experience for children who'd normally not get an experience like that.

Here's a picture of Lily with her counselor, Lisa. They adored each other!

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