Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pedal Power

The gym was dark, except for tiny dots of light bouncing off the ceiling and light coming from the stage. The music was loud and very motivational. Over one hundred stationary bikes created five, maybe six, rows, and they filled the gym, leaving enough space for a small crowd around the perimeter. There was power in the room, and it wasn't of the electrical sort. This was the power given off when a large group of people come together for a cause. This was Pattison's Academy's 5th Annual Spinathon!

When I walked in, it hit me. I immediately teared up, but tried to hold it in. A few people came up and talked to me and the kids, and that made me try even harder to hold it in. By the time I got to the back of the room, I was crying. I mean bawling! Honestly, it was one of the most beautiful moments I've ever experienced. Here was a room full of people, spinning,sweating, burning for children the majority of them had nothing to do with. Special needs children, at that!

Lily was in her stroller, so I pushed her around, up and down the aisles. It was amazing. All of these people were smiling at her and waving, so I grabbed Lily's arm and started helping her wave back. Oh, the smiles! They were huge! And it was as if these people pedaling in this "marathon" were cheering her on! Shouldn't it have been the other way?!

I wish I could paint a better picture of Saturday for you. It was amazing and incredible and inspiring. My words lack that quality, but please believe me when I say that some Pedal Power was definitely in that room!

Brenda, Lily's OT, called me later that day to thank me for coming out and to talk about the event. She invited me to ride on her team next year, and I'm so, so, SO psyched! Here's the catch: for Brenda to be guaranteed a bike, she has to raise at least $1000. So far, she has raised $907. The way I'm looking at it, she needs nine people--JUST NINE--to donate $10. Just. Ten. Dollars! I know you can help in that way. I know you can be one of those nine donors who's willing to donate $10. That's one lunch that you'd be giving up, two and a half Starbuck's coffees, two gallons of ice cream. You get the picture. I don't think that's TOO much to ask, is it? Please help her. PLEASE help me. It, honestly, has now become a goal of mine to be a part of Pattison's spinathon, so I'm trying to help Brenda as much as I can. Remember, this goes towards camp that Lily will be attending in the summer and to the school that we hope Lily will be attending once she gets old enough. Even if she doesn't, this school is great, and it's such a great cause. Again, you can go to http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/brenda-reagan/pedal4pattisons2012?fge=ask. That's Brenda's specific page where you can donate. Again, just nine people. Just $10 each. Won't you help?

As for the people who've already donated in Lily's name, thank you so much!!! Your generosity is amazing! Thank you for supporting not only Lily, but the other special children that are helped by Pattison's Academy.

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