Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taste Tests

I'm happy to announce that Lily is finally feeling better. It took over two weeks to get this way, but I can now say she is 100% better.

Today was such a great day because she was in a good mood and did well for her speech therapist, and Soleil was in a good mood, too, because she's feeling better as well.

Lily actually surprised me during her speech therapy. I have these mesh feeding bags. Basically, you lock food in them so babies can suck the juice out of the food that's in it without choking. I've been using one with Lily--putting apples, oranges, even popcorn in it. She's accepted all, but a little reluctantly at first, and then would only take a small portion of it in her mouth. I still think she got the flavor, though.

Today, however, I put strawberries from our CSA in the bag. Lily was still a little reluctant, at first, but once she got the taste in her mouth, she opened her mouth wide and chomped down on a much bigger portion of the bag! She sucked on it and swallowed, and only a few times did a little juice drip out of her mouth. The ST and her assistant had to pry Lily's mouth open to get the bag out! The ST called it wonderful progress. Way to go Lily!

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  1. Glad she's feeling better!!! That's good she can suck, too. Lilly forgot how when she got the NG tube. When she got the G-tube we started to work on that. She was a good sport.