Thursday, February 16, 2012

She Just Can't Seem to Shake It

Last night, I posted a picture on Facebook of a smiling Lily. I said how she was smiling and cooing and all over the place. This morning, we woke up to a runny nose, rattly breathing, and an unhappy Lily. We've been dealing with some type of sickness in her for over two weeks now. Twice, we thought it was better. That lasted for a day, then the sickness came again. As did the vomiting and the unhappiness and all the fun stuff that goes along with a cold.

Soleil is still cruising around with a runny nose and a cough and is very cuddly. It's sweet, but when you have another child who needs to be cuddled, much doesn't get done around here. Thankfully, Dave does not love me for my ability to clean house. He does love me for the mother than I am, and right now, that and nurse are about all I'm able to do.

Valentine's Day was very low key. We were going to go see a guy named Jay Clifford play downtown, but with the kids sick, we just couldn't do that to Autumn, so we stayed home and had homemade extreme fries instead. (Think french fries covered in chili, (no-heat) jalepenos, ranch dressing, onions, and cheese! A potential heartburn nightmare, but oh so delicious!) Dave got me blueberry bushes to plant in our backyard even after I asked him not to give me anything since I'd not been to the store to get him anything because of the girls being sick. (I know I could have made him something, but I was literally taking care of sick children all day long. Oh, but don't you worry, I have something really nice planned for our anniversary!)

I'm so ready for these colds to be gone. Last night we got to see Lily like she usually is, and it was so energizing. I was greatly in need of my happy Lily fix. I just hate seeing her this way and knowing that she's miserable. It's troubling, too, because I always worry what it's doing to her body--the increased apnea when she's sleeping, the heavy breathing and coughing, the high heartrate. These are things I don't take lightly, things that I take for granted in a healthy child's cold. I'm hoping that spring will be a little kinder to Lily. And I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to post a happy face that stays around for more than a day.

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  1. Have you tried Nebs with sodium chloride at home? We do it for Vera at home and it's an extremely effective way to get the mucus flowing out. Even though docs say it's only meant for wheezing, it works for us. Our neb and suction machines are lifesavers for managing colds at home by ourselves.