Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Little Trooper

I think I can finally exhale.  The past few days have been quite scary for us, but today, Lily has been her smiley, playful little self.  What a trooper!

When Dave took her to the emergency room, it was actually the second time in three days that she had been.  Both times, her breathing didn't sound good, her SATs were low, and she was hardly moving.  Plus, her eyes just looked. . .sick.  No, more like the I'm too tired to fight this battle sick.  I was scared and, literally, holding my breath.

But every time we had gone to the doctor or the ER, Lily's lungs sounded clear.  She even had a clear chest x-ray.  They would suction her out with their machine, and her SATs would go up.  After the first ER visit, we got Lily's pulmonologist to prescribe a steroid for her, and the next day, we got her pediatrician to prescribe an antibiotic.  Today, although still a little snotty, she's feeling so much better.  Either the meds worked or the virus ran its course.

We also got, today, a suctioning machine.  Hopefully, that will reduce ER visits when a bit of deep suctioning is all that's needed.  I'm telling you, we were pulse-ox watchers!  It was THAT bad!

Gabriel is now sick, and I'm hoping that whatever he has is what Lily had and not a different cold that we're going to have to fight all over again.  It's quite exhausting!

In other news. . .who has two thumbs and has another baby on the way?  This guy (see below. . .by the way, he's my husband).  :)  Crazy, huh?!


  1. Oh congratulations!!!! How exciting. And I'm so glad Lily is feeling better. How nice it will be when the cold season is gone for the year, and how amazing it will be when were in heaven and colds no longer exist!!!

  2. Seriously?! Wow! Congratulations! :) Glad Lily is doing better~ my oldest was like her, always smiley! Always! :)