Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quality of Life Week -- Day Two

I learned that I was at high risk for having a baby with Trisomy 18 from a nurse at my doctor's office. I had never heard of this condition before. So I asked the girl what Trisomy 18 was. Oh, it means that your baby will be severely mentally retarded. I was shocked, but I kept imagining, based on this woman's definition, this child in a chair, incoherent to the world around him or her. At the time, I wondered what kind of life a child like that could have. I wondered if that was the kind of life my unborn child would have.

Then I went online and began looking. And I found children like Annabel and Zoe and Vera, to name a few. I heard from Sarah with her little girl, Alice. I began to realize that children with Trisomy 18 could have quite the life. No, it might not be easy, but these children could be happy, life-loving children. And my hope for Lily Grace, child with Trisomy 18, began.

Here is a video from later that day. If she's not sleeping or sucking her thumb and just chilling, this is how Lily is--playing with Gabriel, cooing, lifting her fat legs, rolling, and lifting her head. She has a blast doing this!


  1. She is precious! And I love how Gabriel plays next to her, telling her the names of his shape. So sweet. :) And who are we, really, to judge another's quality of life anyway?? God obviously knew exactly what Lily's life would be like~ and since He is her creator as well as ours, how could we assume our life has greater quality or value? How presumptuous of anyone! You are providing Lily with the same love and attention Gabriel gets~ I doubt anyone would say his life lacks quality. God bless.

  2. These videos of Lily are AMAZING! It's so nice to follow Lily's journey through your lens. She is obviously such a beloved girl and fortunate to have such an amazing big brother (and mother). Love Shannon (Oliver's mom)