Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quality of Life Week -- Day Four

I think when a parent finds out his or her unborn child has Trisomy 18, grieving occurs for a number of reasons. One, for the horror the statistics show. There is a no guarantee your child will be born alive. Two, that grief for the "normal" child you won't have.

I grieved in both ways. I think most parents are terrified of having a child with special needs. Autism, down syndrome, and the like--no parent wishes this on their child. I will admit it: I was terrified. But now that I have Lily, I can understand that joy that a child with special needs brings to those who love her. Had I not had Lily, it's a joy I would have never known. To me, that is special.

This video is of Lily right before bathtime. She LOVES getting a bath. She thinks that any time we take her clothes off, bathtime is near, for she gets so happy and excited.

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  1. I'm just catching up on "Quality of Life" Week and am moved to tears by the videos and stories. Lily is fabulous! Recently a woman from my Bible study asked how the "miracle baby" was doing. I filled her in, only to hear from another guest...the dreaded phrase: "incompatible with life." I know
    Learned Physician didn't mean to be insensitive; that's how he's been schooled; but, if he (and others) could only be transported to that place of higher innocence, far beyond Logic and Science...well, I continue to be overwhelmed with how lovingly God has considered our Lily : )