Thursday, April 19, 2012

To answer Nana Robin's question. . .

Nana Robin left a comment on my last post, realizing that I asked that no gifts be given to Lily, but she did make a good point: it's hard for Southerners to not give a gift. She also made a wonderful suggestion:

How about a donation to Pattison's Academy?

Nana Robin, I think that would be a wonderful gift! Of course, you DO NOT have to do this, but if you do (which I know Southerners, and I know they can be hardheaded when it comes to things like this :) ), would you please go through Lily's OT's First Giving page for the Spin-a-thon? Here's the web address:

I only ask that you go through her because if she raises $1000, she is guaranteed a bicycle in next year's spin-a-thon--and she has asked me to ride on her team, which I really want to do! If she doesn't raise that much (and she's not far from that amount), then she has to wait in line for a bike, and that means she might not get one. . .which also means I might not get to ride. There is a huge demand for these bikes!!!

That is such a great suggestion for a gift, that I cannot refuse! Not only does it benefit Lily, but it benefits a lot of children with special needs and gives them experiences you'd never dream a child with special needs would have. If I didn't believe that much in this school, I would never agree to accept such a gift.

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