Saturday, April 7, 2012

Promised Pictures

Gabriel, Soleil, and Lily with the Easter bunny. It's hard to get three children to look at the camera at the same time!

Gabriel on the ferry from Delaware.

Lily on the ferry from Delaware.

Soleil loving on Lily at Grandma's house in New York. Such a sweet sister!

Soleil, Gabriel, and Lily at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.

Gabriel drinking Jasmine tea at the restaurant where we had Peking duck.

Lily and Gabriel watching tv in the hotel in Philadelphia. Lily was sitting with her nice, straight back!

All the trisomy children at the Trisomy Celebration in Florida. Not all of them were Trisomy 18, but every single one of them was beautiful! Lily is in the blue shirt, bottom middle of photo.

Gabriel in Central Park.

Lily is sitting this way on her own! When I walked out of the room, she was lying on the floor. This is how I found her when I came back in the room. This is such an impressive feat for her--she pushed herself into this position! This is a first for her, and I'm so glad I was at least able to catch the result of her hard work!


  1. Those are all fantastic pictures! So good to see Lily so strong!

  2. Thank you for posting the pictures. You have such a beautiful family and you have to be one busy lady!