Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prayers for Caleb and Peter

Just a quick post to ask that you please pray for Caleb. He recently had surgery to remove his adenoids and had a heart attack after the surgery. There is damage to the left side of his heart and last night his cardiac enzymes were up and he had a fever. You can read Caleb's story if you look in the right column under "Caleb's Journey." While his parents haven't posted about the recent events, you can see what a precious little "Mighty Mouse" Caleb is.
There is also a little boy named Peter. He's had a lot of bleeding going on recently, and the doctors don't know where it's coming from. Yesterday, he had surgery to remove his appendix, and I just found out that he's not doing so well. Peter's mom has been such a treasure in the Trisomy 18 and fragile pregnancies worlds with her organization, Prenatal Partners for Life.
Also, if you look in the right column, you'll see that Lily has added a new friend! Her name is Julia, and you can find out more about her in her blog, "Dancing in the Rain."


  1. Just said a prayer for Caleb and for Peter...Dear God, thank You for Your tender love and mercy over all these "lilies"--please grant them favor, mercy,and healing; and pour Your love and peace over their families. In Jesus' Name. ♥Momma Ray

  2. With great sadness I am posting an update that Peter went to be with Jesus Saturday. He was 6 years old. Besides his mom (Mary) and dad, he has 10 brothers and sisters that are also mourning. May God bless and comfort the Kellett family.