Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Putting Out Fires

Yesterday, Gabriel and I spent the morning playing firefighter. We'd drive on our sofa firetruck until we saw a fire and then we'd jump out, take our hoses off, and spray the fire out.

If only those were the only fires I was putting out yesterday.

With sleep deprivation looming over everything, Lily vomited once. Soleil, twice. Each time, I got a nice bit of it on me. Our 15 year old, 70+ pound dog slipped in our kitchen, but he was too heavy for me to help him up, so on our kitchen floor he stayed, and that was painful to watch. No one wanted to sleep at the same time, so a nap was unheard of.

It used to be that when Lily vomited, a panic would come over me and I'd clean her up in a tizzy. Anymore, I just grab the towel and wipe and play with her cheeks, hoping that I can convince her that she can focus on something else to keep from bringing her milk up. It never works.

Yesterday, this anger (not at the kids) overtook me for a second. I imagined this little sprite sitting off in some corner getting a good laugh at all he'd put me through. My first thought was how I'd like to punch him so! Silly, I know. Then I stopped and thought about it and just. . .accepted it all. It is what it is. Deal with it.

It's not easy. But it's got to be taken care of and I'm the one here during the day to do that.

Soleil--who rarely ever cries, by the way--is crying. Time to put out another fire.

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  1. I know how you feel about that little sprite... I reckon I'd like to get a punch or two in too xx! But you are right... what other option is there other than to "deal with it"... with not so much as a noddy badge for a reward :-)
    Thinking of you always, and wondering how you're coping with TWO little babies? And keep wondering how I am going to do the same?
    I guess the most important thing is to keep your sense of humour... hopefully playing fireman helps with that.
    Lots of love