Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I can't tell you how many days we have been vomit free, but I will say that it could not have come at a better time. It just so happened that before Soleil was born, I took Lily again to the doctor because she sounded congested and I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to be contagious. The doctor noticed that we had seen him SIX times since September for the same problem, and practically each time, he thought he heard wheezing but could never be sure due to her loud congestion.

I questioned whether it could be allergies. When my "allergies" act up, my face itches, my eyes water, and I have drainage in the back of my throat that makes my throat itch. Lily was rubbing her face a lot, Dave and I had noticed her eyes looked watery, and it just seemed to me that drainage in the back of her throat (there were times when we never saw evidence of a runny nose) could have been causing a tickling feeling, thus causing the vomiting. Plus, there are two things here that we didn't have back at our old house--an inside dog and carpet.

I'm not one to quickly put my children on medicine, but when the doctor suggested Singulair and told me that it helped with wheezing and had an antihistamine, I was willing to try it.

Lily has not vomited since. I still keep a towel downstairs, just in case, but I'm so much more relaxed when I feed her. That's such a good feeling!


  1. What a revelation!! I guess with trisomy kids, doctors look for all kinds of complicated issues (if they bother to look at all)but who would think of something as simple as allergies? Good diagnostic work!!

  2. Good comment from Annie. I second it! So glad our Lily is still being "considered" with such kindness and mercy.