Monday, August 16, 2010


Over the weekend, we met some friends of ours at the beach. They recently moved to the Charleston area, and it was such a nice time to be around these friends of ours--Sarah, Ward, Ethan, Wyatt, (twins) and Sylvie. Sylvie is around three months old, maybe a little closer to four, but seeing her beside Lily really puts things into perspective. (Note: Sylvie is a cute, big baby, but she's not THAT big. She is THAT cute, though!)


  1. When Lily is in pictures alone, she looks so chubby. I cannot believe these two are almost the same size, but as Lily gets older you will be glad she's so dainty. :)

  2. Jill, we enjoyed spending time with you guys Friday. I'm glad you all moved to Charleston. It was nice to see Lily out in the sand. I love the picture of Dave holding her in the water. Can't wait to do it again. Love you guys.

  3. Actually, Jill, Sylvie IS that big! She just barely turned 2 months old. Ha! She's a very large baby.... :0) And yes, we should do this more often! ~Sarah