Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Happy Heart

Lily had her appointment with her new cardiologist on Friday. Again, we have been so blessed with the care we have received since moving to Charleston.

I think we tickled the cardiologist pink. I think she was so happy that she was the one who was able to give us the terrific news that Lily's VSD is almost nonexistent, that it's so small that blood is not getting through it. I've been waiting for this news for almost 16 months, and finally, I got to hear it.

That news is so good, that Lily won't have to go back to the cardiologist for another two years. Two years!

The only reason we would need to contact this doctor is if Lily would need to have surgery for some reason. Lily still has two other trivial holes in her heart, but lots of people have them, and they go through their entire lives with them. Lily would just need a dose of antibiotics before surgery to keep infection from getting into these holes and spreading throughout her whole heart.

I was concerned with the damage the VSD may have done. None, according to the doctor. Her heart is a perfect size and sounds great.

In essence, Lily's heart is healed. What a miracle!

God has been so good to us!


  1. :) Just my kind of news. We were told the same thing just before Mallorie turned 3. It's God.

  2. Wonderful News! God is Great!
    -Carrie and Stinker

  3. AMEN! God is awesome and has tenderly "considered this Lily" : )

  4. Wonderful, awesome, and sharing in your joy...NanaJones