Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Day Before Surgery

Lily got glasses the other day. Gosh, she looks so cute in them, but she hates them! She already knows how to swipe them off her face, and she's quick to do it. I wanted to post some pictures, but the good ones are on Dave's mom's camera. All the moving and settling in to Charleston has not given me time to put the pictures on my computer to share.

Tomorrow we go in at 8:45 for Lily's g-tube placement. I'm quite nervous, so I'm just trying to put it in God's hands and let Him take care of our little girl. Still, fear wants to shake me every now and then.

Dave and I have no idea what to expect. I've had other mothers tell me that they were discharged the next day, but Lily's doctor said she could be in two to three days. Luckily, Dave's parents are down, and we have someone to watch Gabriel during the day. I'm expecting an exhausting couple of days to follow, but hopefully, over time, Lily's surgery will keep her little belly fuller longer, and she'll get better night sleeps. I'll try to keep everyone posted on how the surgery goes, but that will depend on computer access. Thank you for the prayers.


  1. I hope that all goes well for you and Lily tomorrow. We are so encouraged by her consistent progress and her ability to beat the odds. Can't wait to see her in her glasses. xo Shannon

  2. Prayers for your family.