Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just a quick post to let you all know that Lily is out of surgery. It went well, but there was a little concern about her oxygen levels--they kept dipping, and we'd prod her to help her remember to breath--so she's in the PICU for the night. Dave is staying with her and letting me stay at Momma's for some much-needed rest.

Lily's oxygen levels are getting better. They dip every now and then, but again, she's bringing them back up on her own. She does have some oxygen for the extra help.

Her cardiologist came in today. The surgeon wanted to make sure the oxygen problem wasn't a heart problem. Dr. L. and his resident doctor listened to Lily's heart and determined that it wasn't a heart problem BUT. . .drum roll, please. . .they also were not able to hear Lily's heart murmur. According to Dr. L., the VSD may be closed! They are going to perform an echo on her tomorrow to verify that. I'm trying not to get my hopes up--as much as I'd like--because he said it could be from the surgery that they're unable to hear the sound. However, he feels pretty confident because of the sound he heard the last time Lily had an appointment. If this is the case, this is WONDERFUL news!

Lily gets her first feed tomorrow. I'm hoping all goes well, but I'm sure it's going to be an adjustment for her little stomach. As for now, I'm off to bed to get that sleep I was threatened I'd better get. Good night!


  1. Yea Lily!!! You ROCK girl!! I am so happy to hear that you did well through surgery, but I'm not even a little surprised... your amazing.

  2. I am so glad things went so well. I was checking back to see if you had news on the ECHO. Please keep us posted and praying that she tolerates her feeds well.