Saturday, May 29, 2010


I just had to write a quick post to say that our (and by "our" I mostly mean Dave's mom's) hard work is paying off. I just fed Lily twenty--yes, twenty--bites of banana sauce (as Gabriel puts it). Sixteen of those bites were open-mouthed. That means there was no fighting, no trying to pry her lips open. She just ate. It was a little awkward for her. She quickly moves her head back and forth for her mouth to find the spoon, like she does when she starts to nurse. But there was no fighting it!
Because Dave's parents are here, Lily is getting more opportunities to eat. Dave's mom feeds her most of the time before I nurse her, and Lily is getting at least three meals a day. The most bites I've gotten before the bananas today were fifteen, and that seemed like a lot. But here she took twenty and cooperated!
I wish I could say that we could cancel the g-tube surgery, but she's still not taking a bottle. I just can't continue to nurse her the way I've been doing. I'm too exhausted anymore. Maybe tonight I'll try her new "bottle." Think perm applicator with a tip on the end. Maybe I will post a picture of it soon.
I just can't help but feel like so many prayers have been answered here lately, and it looks as if the feeding prayer is gaining ground. Dear, faithful prayer warriors, thank you!


  1. makes my heart so happy to read this! truly i am still living my cana thru your lily and it's filling up my heart. I am praying you all the way thru this journey. thank you for letting us walk with you!

  2. Go, Lily! Go, Grandma Patty! Praise God!


    This is a blog I found that is full of wonderful information. It even has information on G-tube clothing sites. I thought of Lily when I was reading. Just passing it on. You will have to read thru the site, but I found it to be useful in all ways. I am so glad she is eating. I am praying for Lily and your family. Tammy :)