Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Lily is doing much better. Apparently, the retraction was caused by the stuffy nose again. Still, it was better to be safe than sorry. She's still got a yucky sounding cough that comes more from when she chokes on her spit or on milk than from just a need to cough. Yesterday, she went to have what I thought was going to be another ultrasound. It ended up being an upper GI. I got the results from that report: no reflux! Really, though, I could have told them that. Once I took her off of the Zantac, she seemed to improve. I think that medicine upset her stomach.

The radiologist doing the GI yesterday was the one who was so rude during her intestinal ultrasound. He walked in, not remembering our last encounter, and asked
She's 10 months? I told him yes. She has Trisomy 18? he asked incredulously. I again said yes. She has a cleft palate? No. What are her signs? I don't think this guy believed me. I told him how she has clenched fists, maybe rocker bottom feet. Then the nurse pulled off Lily's socks and they all said no. She has one kidney and a VSD, but the cardiologist believes it's closing on her own. Huh he said. It was so great! My heart pumped a YES! for Lily!

I love it that this doctor could not believe what he was seeing! Especially after he had been so rude before, expecting Lily to have everything wrong with her. Instead, he saw this beautiful little girl who has defied so many people's expectations and who has left the medical community saying
Huh. Score one for Lily Grace!


  1. Such a miracle you are Lily Grace!

  2. What an amazing child Lily Grace is! Not only is she thriving and surpassing expectations, but teaching the doctors a thing or two along the way. That is awesome. :)

  3. I like that picture of her. I want to pinch her cheeks.

  4. Major Big Time score for Lily. Change these drs. hearts one by one. I love this precious picture. She looks amazing!

  5. Look at those cheeks. Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. What a beauty. What a great story. Glad you were able to be gracious to that doctor, too .... I think we have less of a positive impact if we let our anger or defensiveness get in the way. Of course, I'm talking to ME, and not you! :)