Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eight months

Lily had her gall bladder ultrasound today. Actually, I'm not sure why she had it--it seems to be a repeat of the previous abdominal ultrasound. The radiologist came in, and call it ugly, but I think he has been exposed to a little too much radiation. Talk about lack of people skills. It angers me a bit when I come across people like him, and then I realize with pity that it's their loss. I don't think he'd ever understand how absolutely special and precious Lily is, despite her condition. Anyway, he said that he saw sludge, he thinks, in the gall bladder, that only a CT scan would tell us for sure. I asked him what that exactly means, though, that sludge in the gall bladder. With a little attitude, he told me that he didn't know, and then went on to say It is my assumption that given your daughter's Trisomy 18, she has plenty of problems to deal with. I didn't take that very well, but I sat quietly. Later, I thought that I should have pointed out to him that she actually doesn't have as many problems as he probably thinks. His loss. But we're probably looking at a CT scan, which means sedation. I'm just wondering how necessary it will be. I'll ask the doctor once we talk about today's results.

Lily got her H1N1 vaccine today, too. She cried a bit, but it wasn't the open mouth silent catch-your-breath cry I've seen with other vaccines. Tough little girl! And her weight is back up to 10 pounds.

I think we're on to something with feeding. Again, Lily held the bottle in her mouth and may have even sucked on it. This time, we put her vibrating strawberry against the bottle. She took it for a few minutes, but then resisted more. Patience. Patience.

Lily is eight months old today. At three months, she smiled. At eight months, she rolled over from stomach to back. I did have to put her up on her arms, but she's getting the hang of putting her right arm forward instead of down by her side, and twice she rolled over. I was so excited. I picked her up and hugged her, and it was as if she realized what she had done herself. . .or at least that I was so proud of her. It's always so exciting when she makes progress like that.


  1. happy 8 months lily girl! i see my girl when i look at you and your joy and life and ah, it just melts my heart. Celebrating with you today. :)

  2. I am so happy for her progress. It is such a good feeling when they do things. I am sorry about the attitude of your doctor. You are right, his loss. What lead them to do an ultrasound of her gallbladder. Have you heard of any of these Angels having issue with their gallbladder. Poor baby. Happy 8 months to your Lily!

  3. happy 8 months, Sweet Lily. may God continue to bless you.

  4. Happy New Year Lily! Way to go on rolling off your belly! May God continue to bless you and your family