Sunday, March 7, 2010

What would I do?

A few years ago, Dave and I went to China for a month to teach English. That's where we met Tracy, our classroom interpreter. The other day, Tracy emailed me to find out what I would do in her situation. She is 32 weeks pregnant, and a recent ultrasound found that the baby has only one artery in its umbilical cord. Tracy didn't know what to do--terminate or let her baby live. I'm assuming that because she is Chinese, she has to consider her country's one child policy.

She asked what I would do under her circumstances, and I have to admit that her question really got me thinking. I told her Lily's story and why Dave and I chose to keep her. But with our choice, there was that background information that we could have more children. But what if Lily was the only child we could have? Would my faith be strong enough to choose life for her? Of course, I would hope so, but I can't even begin to answer that question because I've never been faced with a limitation like that.

If you would, please pray for Tracy. She and her husband have decided to keep their baby. Please pray for peace of mind, that the fact that the doctors have not been able to find any other problems is evidence of a healthy baby, that God's miracle shines on this family in the way He sees fit.


  1. What a heartbreaking decision. My heart goes out to all the people of China. I have 3 beautiful healthy daughters and can't imagine being told I could only have one child. Of course, being a staunch advocate against abortion under any circumstances, this would be the ultimate test of putting my faith where my mouth is. I am so thankful she is proceeding with her pregnancy and giving her child a chance at life. You didn't say if Tracy is a Christian. I hope so and believe that either way God will honor her decision and bless her. Most importantly, if she's not saved I pray she will come to know Him during this trial. God bless you for sharing your heart with her. =)

  2. Thank you for sharing this touching story, Jill. I'm touched by and thankful for Tracy's decision and agree with Penny...that God will honor it beyond anything she could expect or imagine. And, yes, I'll pray for that miracle.

  3. Vera had one artery too in her umbilical cord. She fought hard to be nourished and be here. Do share with your friend. I'm glad they're giving baby a fighting chance.