Sunday, September 6, 2009

Feeling better

Happy baby!

A little crooked, but still so cute! And feeling much better!

My little flower girl. (Dress courtesy of Momma Ray)

Lily is doing so much better. I thank you all for your prayers. It was either Wednesday or Thursday when Dave and I were afraid we were going to have to take Lily to the emergency room again, but we really didn't want to because of the flu going around our area. I called Molly (Lily's NICU nurse) and she put my heart at ease. I think we gave Lily a breathing treatment and fed her, and it was as if something clicked. Poof! She was all better. No more sucking out her nose. No more worries. We left the humidifier running and still kept her propped up, but more for precaution than anything. I really don't think we had to. It's just amazing to me that one minutes, she's sick and we're worried, and the next, she seems better. I know it takes a few days for the antibiotic to run its course, and maybe that was the time it needed, but I'll just contribute it to prayers. I feel so fortunate to have you all on our side!

In other news, though, my heart is saddened to hear that Brianna received her little angel wings. I keep thinking about her family and what they must be going through. Her mother, Brenda, is so brave, and I admire the way they are celebrating Brianna's life. I remember telling Dave, before Lily was born, that if something happened to Lily, I didn't know if I would be able to go to church right away. Dave wondered why, thinking that it should be the ONE place I would need to be. I can't explain what would be so difficult about going, perhaps the tenderness at a time when I would be hurting so. I say this because that is the one place that Brenda and her family seemed to insist upon being. Front row! I'm in awe and inspired and going back to Dave's words that it should be the ONE place I would need to be. I know this family, too, is thankful for the prayers you lifted up for them.


  1. Those pictures tell it all--the smile, the playful look, the brightness of her eyes. Praise God for His love that knows no limits! I read about Brianna, and it just tore me up, yet I'm in awe at the faith of so many of these families with T-18 babies. It is truly amazing. One more thing: the dress--she looks sooo cute in it! I'm so blessed.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful girl with the rest of us. Really.

    I *know* about the not going to church thing. No explanation necessary. I get it. I, too, am saddened for Brianna's family, but in the same breath, happy for Brianna herself.