Friday, October 10, 2014

Good Results

Just a quick post to say that today's results were good.  Not great, but we'll take good and a "see you in two months."  Numbers were down from a 3 on the stick to a 1+.  Not sure what that means, but the doctor was pleased and showed no concern.  So it looks like no sedation because no biopsy!!  Yeah!!

I'm glad to have the good results, especially since we were at the doctor's office for roughly 4 1/2 hours!  Simply put:  Lily was bagged for a urine sample. She obviously has a strong bladder because I gave her water AND her formula while there, plus, she had already had her morning formula.  We waited.  And waited.  AND WAITED!  Still no. . .um. . .filling of the bag.  Finally, over 4 hours later and 1 million glances at the bag to check and see  if it had been filled, she relieved herself.  ONLY. . .she completely missed the bag!!  Luckily, a small puddle had formed on the bed, and the doctor was able to run the stick through it to get the test results.  

This is how life goes for us.

How do we handle it?

We laugh.  

Lots to be happy about and celebrate.  No use crying over spilled pee milk.  :)

Thank you for all of the prayers!  

Much love!

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