Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Perfect Fit

Lily is fitting right in at Pattison's!  She loves it, and they love her.  What a good feeling!  It's not that we disliked anyone at her old school, but there was always this feeling that they had to take her--which they did, by law.  If she wasn't there, the better for them.  (That was the overall feeling.  Lily loved and was loved, especially by her aide.  Like I said, there was just this feeling.)

Lily started school on a Wednesday in September.  It was just a half day for her because the principal wanted us to meet with the teacher and Lily's team of therapists and explain her care.  So she began at 11.  Thursday was also a half day.  This time, Lily went home early because she was sick.  She missed on Friday.  How nice it was to get a call TWICE that weekend from both her teacher and the nurse, wondering how Lily was doing!  After that Friday, it's been full time, every day!  She's a toughie, though.  She's staying awake, working hard, and charming everyone there.

When I go to pick her up, there's usually someone playing with her.   A few days ago, she was sitting in her stroller, kicking one of the faculty, and laughing as she was kicking!  Lily is usually more of a social laugher, so it was heartwarming to see her laughing while playing.  Then yesterday, when I picked her up, she was sitting in another person's lap.  This girl was a student OT, and she went on about how precious and happy Lily is.  Then she said. . .are you ready for this?. . .that Lily was so SMART!  Can you imagine my surprise to hear that?  I mean, we hear lots of positive things about Lily, but "smart" is not one of those words that we hear. 

This is the right place for Lily.  She is so happy there.  I still can't believe that she got in.  I'm excited to see what the year holds for her.  We've seen quite the improvement already!  She's wanted.  And that makes such a big difference!

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  1. Can feel your pride and joy. Lily IS smart - I've known that from Day one!