Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lily's First Day

Lily started school on Wednesday, but she didn't go a full day. The principal wanted me to meet with the team and discuss Lily's care with them. We didn't meet until 11, so no full day on Wednesday. That night, she started sneezing/coughing, and by that morning, I was waiting for the vomit to start. She went to school on Thursday, but we all understood that she might not make it the whole day. She didn't. I ended up having to pick Lily up around 11 and made an appointment for her. Turns out, she had a small bout of pneumonia. There were a few rough days, but she's pretty much back to normal--just a little leftover cough--, having a good time playing and kicking her feet around. She had a follow up appointment on Monday, so it's looking as if her full first day won't be until Tuesday.

And even though it wasn't Lily's first full day, it looks as if she had a ball!

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