Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grace Shining Down

Oh, how I've missed blogging!  Lately, there has been so little time, but today I sacrifice cleaning my house (while all three girls nap) after rearranging to make room for the Christmas tree, so I can share a story of Grace shining down from one person to another.

Lily had to have her blood drawn today at the hospital.  I had both Aria and Lily in a double stroller, and the elevators were much slower than usual.  (I like to do things quickly at the hospital to avoid paying as much of the garage parking fees as I can.)  Only two of the four elevators at our wing were running, and every time they came to our floor, they were packed.  I'm not kidding when I say that it took the elevator five stops to my floor before we could get on.  I was quite aggravated and ready to find admin to complain.  

When we got into the blood drawing room, I was pleased to see that my favorite tech was there.  She's always so  nice and gentle with Lily, and that means so much to me.  Lily rarely makes a peep when this lady draws her blood.  This was the case today, as well.  After the tech stuck Lily, I complimented her on her work and told her how much I appreciate her.  She told me that every morning she prays and asks God to work through her hands so that she might be gentle and not hurt her patients.  I told her that He was definitely doing that and that she was such a blessing to us and told her how the last time we were there, the tech wasn't so gentle and Lily was quite upset.

When we were leaving, I asked her and the other tech if there was a different group of elevators that I could take and explained to them how I had to wait so long for the other elevators.  They told me no, but Lily's tech made a shhh sign with her finger and waved me to go with her.  She took me to the staff elevator and then told me how to get back to my car, but she misunderstood what floor I needed.  When the elevator got there, and she realized I needed a different floor, she decided to go with me so she could point the way.  

She was so friendly and such a blessing, and I could definitely feel God's presence living in her.  I walked to my car, elated that I got a chance to have such an encounter!  

I thought about the whole situation:  how I was aggravated with the elevators and then how wonderful this tech was with Lily and how helpful she was to me.  I thought about how I go through life with aggravations, but had I not been aggravated, I would not have had the chance to experience God working in someone else and His love shining through to others like me.  It was inspiring and uplifting, and my heart has been singing a song all day long.

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  1. This is as beautiful a sermon as I've ever heard! Thank you for the reminder of how God works through our "aggravations" to show us new dimensions of grace!