Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Hospital Visit

On Monday, Soleil was diagnosed with RSV.  All day, I was trying to prep myself internally with dealing with it, not in Soleil (who actually had a mild case), but in Lily and Aria.  I just knew the roller coaster ride was about to begin.

I was right.

Lily started getting sick either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Days blur when you're lacking sleep.  The vomiting was back, the coughing had begun, and you could just tell that, overall, Lily didn't feel good.

By Friday morning, Lily's cough sounded horrible and she winced when she coughed.  She also was crying on and off for the good part of the early morning.  I took her temperature, and she had a slight fever of 98.7.  I gave her some Ibuprofen, just hoping to help her feel better.

By 11:45 or so, things had gotten drastically worse.  I was about to feed Lily and noticed she had chill bumps.  A diaper change and a few other "housekeeping" procedures with her, and she was shaking.  Aria was screaming, so I put Lily in her chair, covered her up, and fed Aria.  While I was feeding her, I noticed Lily was breathing really heavily.  After feeding Aria, I took Lily's temperature again.  I watched as the thermometer shot up into the 100s so quickly and continued going, finally stopping at 105.7!

Needless to say, after taking it again with another thermometer just to make sure the oringinal thermometer wasn't defective, we rushed to the ER.

In essence:  Lily has bacterial walking pneumonia and RSV.  She spent last night in the hospital, where they wanted to keep an eye on her due to her medical fragility, but it looks as if she might be able to go home today if she responds well to her breathing treatment.

Dave stayed with her last night, but I'm with her today.  She's sleeping, but it seems restless.  She's on oxygen, and occasionally, she dips down.  Luckily, she pops right back up.  Her fever is gone.  Thank goodness!  

And now the therapist is here for the breathing treatment.


  1. Lily and Soleil are in my prayers. I hope you are home from the hospital now, but if not, will be shortly. Praying that Aria does not get the RSV!

  2. Oh no...that's what we fear most everytime to when one gets sick. Hope she continues to get better.