Monday, November 28, 2011

Inspiring Story

One of Lily's therapies involves Orientation and Mobility from the School for the Deaf and Blind.  No, Lily's not deaf, and she's not blind, but (I believe) a small optic nerve qualifies her for those services.  Lily's therapist, Ms. Alicia, is amazing.  She's one of the most bubbly, life-loving people you'll ever meet.

Interacting with Alicia, you'd never know that the past two years have been quite difficult for her and her family.  Her husband, Dave, was diagnosed with a rare lung cancer about two years ago, and it's been fight after fight after fight for him.  But he's not given up

I know life is not easy for Alicia, but she is such an inspiration.  She has an incredible attitude, and her hope, along with her faith, is remarkable, especially given the situations she and her family have been in, including (but certainly not limited to) life support/ECMO.

I don't know Dave, but to hear his story and to see how determined and strong he is is also inspiring.  I've honestly never seen anyone go through as much as he has and still have such a positive attitude and put up such a fight.

Today, their story came out in the newspaper.  If you'd like to read about this incredible family, here's the link:   And if you'd like to read more of their story, you can find it at  It's a phenomenal story.  It gives hope and exemplifies triumph.

How fortunate I am to know Alicia.  She inspires me with her positive attitude, her hope, and her faith.  I could always use more of that.

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